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Leuchtturm1917 Easy Grip Pencil - Pacific Green-Nook & Cranny Gift Store-2019 National Gift Store Of The Year-Ireland-Gift Shop

Leuchtturm1917 Easy Grip Pencil - Pacific Green

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A pencil with a twist mechanism and 0.7-mm graphite lead – for writing and drawing. The distinctive tip and twist button in graphite grey highlight the function and character of the pencil, which has already won a Red Dot Design Award 2022.

LEUCHTTURM1917 is reviving the Drehgriffel from the 1920s. The name “Drehgriffel”  is a German compound noun that directly translates as twist stylus. Its characteristic design makes this writing instrument truly distinctive: a hexagonal body with a pointed tip, which, like the twist button, is in a contrasting colour. 

  • Twistable head pencil made from precision-milled aluminium and steel
  • With 0.7 mm graphite lead
  • Hardness of the lead: HB
  • Refillable
  • Length: 13 cm

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