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So you think you're a foodie - book

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Do you know your Lardo from your Le Creuset, your sous vide from your silverside?

If so look away now, this probably isn't the book for you! So You Think You're A Foodie? takes an irreverent look at those among us who take what they eat just a touch too seriously. (Hmmm someone you know has just come to mind, haven't they!)

With 50 entries examining some of the foodie's ultimate icons, it's the perfect way to understand those who strive for the tastiest, most exclusive, most sophisticated gastronomic experiences around.

In other words, a show-off with nothing better to d
o than bleat about how much they love to eat! Each entry covers an aspect of a foodie's life and the books they read through to travelling to the dingiest places in search of a truly authentic, locals-only experience - usually McDonald's - and the names they call their kids.

So if you've ever wondered what your partner, friend or sibling sees in spending hours trudging through muddy fields on a quest for an elusive mushroom when they could have just gone to the supermarket, or are bemused by their insistence on trying offal at every opportunity rather than sticking to steak, then these wise words provide sensible answers. 

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