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Wall Hanging Organiser With 9 Separate Storage Pockets

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Organise your valuables and everyday tools with these Wall Pocket. With a variety of 9 pocket sizes you can store keys, stationery, electronic devices and paper assignments on your bed room wall. 

As part of the Washable Paper collection, the wall pocket can be used on-the-road for other working spaces like the garden or office. 

A very good product to instantly tidy loose objects into a decorative image. 

  • Materials: Washable paper, natural cellulose fiber
  • Dimensions:L 90 x W 60 x H 6cm
  • Colour: Green
  • Special notes:
    • Handwash safe
    • Reusable
    • Environmentally friendly and for long term use. 
    • 100% recyclable. 
    • Includes screws and plugs. 
    • Packaged in cylinder container. 

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